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Become a reviewer

Conatus - Journal of Philosophy relies on a double peer review system, so as to ensure the quality and academic integrity of the published material. To that purpose all manuscripts are channeled to independent (that is, not affiliated with the same institute as the author) expert reviewers.

The Journal invites professionals, experts and scholars to register with it as reviewers, and thus become members of this growing, active international community on the one hand, and enjoy the fruits of partnering with a high impact philosophical journal on the other.

How to register as a reviewer

To register as a reviewer, please read the Call for Reviewers, fill in the Reviewer's Application Form and return it to the Editor via email (conatus[at]philosophy.uoa[dot]gr).

Benefits for reviewers

i. All reviewers will be included in the Journal's Board of Reviewers.

ii. Each reviewer will also be receiving on an annual basis an official personalized Reviewer's Certificate mentioning the number of reviews completed for the Journal.

iii. Reviewers can built their profile on Clarivate Analytics Publons; their reviewing activity will be instantly visible, and their Publons profile may also be integrated with their ORCID iD and Web of Science accounts. This way reviewers will be able to track, verify, and showcase their peer review and editorial contributions for Conatus.

iv. The journal's reviewers are prioritized as contributing authors, and are also eligible to be Guest Editors of Special Issues of the Journal upon suggestion to the Editors.

Get recognition for your peer review with Publons

Conatus - Journal of Philosophy has partnered with Publons to let reviewers get official credit for their reviews for the Journal.

Publons helps you to record, verify, and showcase your peer review contributions for use in promotion applications. You get recognition even if your reviews are anonymous and the manuscript is never published.

Publons gives recognition for peer review without compromising reviewer anonymity or infringing upon journal policies. By default, the content of the review will not be publicly displayed, and only the year of the review and the journal title will be shown on reviewer profiles. You may edit what is displayed for any review or opt out of the service at any time.

To start adding your pre-publication reviews to Publons, follow the instructions under 'Add your review to Publons' in the left column.