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Guidelines on how to add your review to Publons


If you do not already have an Web of Science or a Publons account, create a Publons account/profile here: https://publons.com/account/register/. We suggest that you register by using your ORCID iD; it is much easier and doesn’t require you to remember one more username and password. If you already have an Web of Science account, you should use the same credentials to log into Publons.


a. Log into your Publons account.

b. Go to ‘Peer reviews’ under ‘My records’ tab and click on the ‘Add a review’ button.

c. Enter all required data, including your review’s content, and click on ‘Create review.’

d. On the next page, go to ‘Verify’ section and copy the review url that appears in the box.

e. Go to your inbox, locate the Acknowledgement e-mail sent by the Editor for your review, paste the review url into the body of your email, and forward it to reviews[at]publons[dot]com to verify your review.

f. That’s it, you are done!

Download guidelines sheet here.